TOPLINE SUMMARY: The Dignity Act provides a reasonable, compassionate, and complete solution to America’s immigration crisis. It ends illegal immigration to the United States once and for all, reestablishes law and order, provides a practical solution for the undocumented, revitalizes the American workforce, and restores America’s economy.

Dignity does 3 primary things:
• Ends illegal immigration once and for all.
• Gives Dignity to people living in the shadows.
• Protects in American Workers and saves American industries.

Ends Illegal Immigration:
• Fully secures the southern border.
– Restarts border contracts and completes border barrier construction.
– Uses the best technology available to detect and stop crossings.
– Adds 3,000+ new border agents.

• 100% mandatory, nationwide E-Verify to end hiring of illegal workers.

• Tougher penalties for smugglers, cartels, gangs, and traffickers.
– Immediate deportation for criminals.

• Fixes Asylum system to stop catch-and-release.
– Last-in-first-out processing to stop the surge.
– Creates Processing Centers to hold immigrants while their cases are being decided.
– Increases Judges and Attorneys to expedite final decisions.

Dignity and Redemption:
• Provides a practical solution for the undocumented.
– Immediate status and earned pathway for Dreamers.
• Creates Dignity path offering 10-year temporary legal status for undocumented immigrants.
– Must pass a criminal background check.
– Pay $10,000 in restitution over 10 years.
– No federal benefits or entitlements.

Optional +5-year Redemption path for those completing 10-year Dignity program.
– Learn English and U.S. civics.
– Pay additional restitution and do community service.
– Can earn permanent legal status and go to the back of the line.

American Workers and the Economy:
• Creates fund for training and upskilling American Workers.
– Offers apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and higher education.
– Uses funds paid by Immigrants in the Dignity Program
▪ Every 1 participant in Dignity will train or retrain 2 American workers.
• Saves American industries.
– Addresses labor shortages, supply chain issues, and inflation.

• American Agricultural Dominance.
– Increases productivity for farmers and ranchers with year-round workforce.
– Removes government restrictions from farming to keep grocery stores stocked and food
affordable for American families.

*This bill uses no taxpayer funding and is fully paid for with fees and restitution payments.