A Truly Bi-Partisan Bill H.R. 3897 – H-2B Returning Worker Exception Act of 2021

Today, we are grateful to see another 9 Co-sponsors added to the bi-patrician bill H.R.3897.  Bill Summary:  Once passed, this bill will allow workers who have been in the U.S. on an H-2B visa in one of the preceding three fiscal years to be exempt from counting against the 66,000 annual numerical limit of H-2B.    It further would impose civil penalties for program violations.  If H-2B is important to you as an H-2B employer or, if your clients are users of the H-2B program and you count on those clients to be successful, I URGE you to follow this link (https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/3897/cosponsors ) – if your Congressperson is a co-sponsor, thank them for their support.   If they are not on this list as a co-sponsors, CALL them and ask them to support H.R.3897.   If you need any assistance on how this is done, email doug@actionvisa.com for guidance.  When emailing Doug – let him know the best way to reach you, email, text or phone.  Be sure to put “HELP WITH OUTREACH ON H.R.3897” in the subject line. This is our Year to #SaveH2B.